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Trees are the source of beauty and benefit. But sick, dead, or risky trees should remove from your yard because they could be the reason for the disaster. Besides that, it can be more dangerous during the storm. Keep in mind that the situation may lead to a priceless loss. So, it is better to follow the tree removal process.  

Without more intro, let’s dive deeper into the tree removal process and the following condition of the process –

tree removal process

Tree Removal Process And The Next Situation

7 Easy Steps For Tree Removal

Step – 1: Clean The Whole Area

In the whole process, the first step must be cleaning the area. Count the tree’s height and select the area as much as the tree will need to fall down. After that, make the area suited for the tree.

Step – 2: Investigate The Tree

Now it is time to investigate the tree. You have to research and find out the way it will fall down naturally. Then, you can follow the method by which the tree could fall down simply and not fall elsewhere. 

Step – 3: Select Another Way

Always keep in mind that the whole process may not happen according to your plan. So, in this case, you need to get ready with another project. If the tree gets out of control, then you must select another way.          

Step – 4: Collect The Perfect Tool

The success of the tree removal system depends much on the use of a perfect tool. So, the step is very important. The types of equipment vary according to the size of the tree. You may cut Small or medium-sized trees down with the help of a handsaw. But, in the case of large trees, you must use a chainsaw. 

Step – 5: Begin The Undercut System

After all the above steps, now is the perfect time to start cutting down the tree. Select the side you want it to fall on and cut a V-shape at a 45-degree angle at the bottom of that side. In this case, this undercut’s depth should be about a fourth of the measurement of the tree’s diameter.

Step – 6: Begin The Back Cut System.

Now cut another side of the tree. This time, the cutting system should be straight and about two inches over your undercut.

Step – 7: Alert Others

The whole process is about to finish. The tree will go down soon after. Alert others and tell them to take a safe position. Otherwise, any unwanted event can happen.

The Next Situation

After removing trees,  the situation becomes pretty much tricky. There would be tree stumps and roots. They aren’t destroyed so quickly. That’s why they will be the store of bacteria, fungi, and organisms. So, immediately you have to destroy them. You can deal with them in three significant ways. They are –

  • Leave the stump on the ground.
  • Pull the root out of the ground.
  • Follow the tree stump grinding process.

We have to remove trees every day for different needs. Apart from that, the process costs you a lot. If you think that you need to cut down a tree, you can follow our tree removal process. It is not only helpful for you but also a cheap way to remove trees.

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